Words from Chef Troy – April 2015

Happiness seems like such an easy thing to have but how do we measure it? How do we know it? Of course we can rely on others to make us happy but true happiness has to come from inside. Pride in what we do for ourselves, our guests, our employees hopefully radiates outward and translates to the guest experience. In an ever-changing business world and in the middle of our current restaurant boom we do what we can to care for our people, so they care for you-our guests- from employee health insurance to rocking holiday parties, but is it ever enough? As most of us know, if you yourself aren’t happy, then the answer will be no. If you have pride and integrity and refuse to compromise what or who you are for others, then you could have nothing – but your answer will always be yes. I wish you a fulfilling season of sunshine and happiness that is in full bloom.