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Well they say all good things come to an end, though it’s more difficult to say when it applies on a personal level. With a heavy heart we announce the closure of our flagship, TAG Restaurant on Larimer Square. Over the past 12 years TAG has rolled through a lot of changes.  There were many ups and downs-as well as countless good times – I was proud to call it my own and be at the helm of that beast!

In retrospect, TAG is really where it all began for me. Everything I had done in my life up to that point was really just preparation for my own place. And that place brought so much more than expected to my life. Without TAG, I might not have gone on to open any of our other great restaurants, without TAG I may not have met my wife and had my boys, without TAG I wouldn’t have met all of the wonderful people that I now call friends.

It’s been a wild ride and though it’s over, TAG will remain number one in our hearts for years to come.

A HUGE thanks to our investors- Jeff, Scott & Andrew-who believed in us and made it happen, the staff who represented and kicked butt through the years, and to our vendors and community for their continued support. You all contributed to the magic that made TAG so special.

Mahalo! Troy & Nikki Guard

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Continental social food is not a cuisine, it’s a challenge – to sample and share with your friends a novel experience that pushes the boundaries of your expectations.  Go ahead, no great breakthrough ever comes without risk.

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"To me, America is so diverse and our lives have become built around where we eat and who we are eating with. TAG is personal, TAG is our flagship, and a place where people can come to eat, have fun, share and learn- the same way I've learned to appreciate food and life!"

-Troy Guard